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What Is Data Operations All About?

Data Operations Level 2 is for individuals whose role requires well developed

behavioural competencies but whose scope for independent decision making and for bringing

about change is unlimited. Each unit of study is accompanied by a “Hands on” completion project.

They are likely to be in roles where they are required:

  • To perform work activities to conform to occupational health and safety standards

  • To demonstrate the ability to work in the information technology sector

  • To communicate effectively in the workplace

  • To provide routine client support

  • To maintain equipment and consumables

  • To operate a personal computer

  • To send and retrieve information via the Internet

  • To operate spreadsheet and database application

  • To design organisational documents using computing packages

To install software packages


Normally persons working at Level 2 should be able to competently carry out simple, complex

and routine work activities and to collaborate with others through groups and teams. Students will also acquire entrepreneurial skills training the qualification covers competencies by providing services in Data Operations Level 2 such as being able to understand and carry out components of small business management, data operations, multimedia, web development, networking and information technology while working in a safe and hygienic manner.

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